With over 15 years of experience

At C4C Technologies, we believe that technology has become an inevitable part of human lives, and it has changed the way business works. This philosophy gives us inspiration to provide state-of-the-art solutions and global standard services that brings future of technology to our customers’ business. Our perseverance to empower our customers has made us a trusted partner among them.Today, we are one of the leading business technology providers in the region.
The Department of Protective Systems (DPS) approves our services excellence. Our services entailDesign, Supply, Installation, Configuration, communication, Testing and Commissioning services, delivered to you every day. We are proud of our people for their professionalism and support that makes us accomplish milestones that none of our competitors achieved in our industry.

Our customers come from a varied range of industries, among which the prominent are: hospitality, banking, health, manufacturing, finance, shopping malls, government institutions
-: “To be the largest innovative technology provider by the value we deliver to our customers in GCC ”
We are committed to the technology excellence where we serve. We will continue to enhance the business technology of our clients and push boundaries of our peerless services, in a pursuit to make technology to be recognized by our customers as their partners and experts of choice in their growth.
-: Accelerate progress of our customers in changing business environment.
Over 15 years of our continuous support in our clients’ progress is a testament to the mission of C4C Technologies, to the customer service and innovation of our team, and to the core values on which we were founded. We will continue to strive for the success of our customers.
Core Values
-: C4C Technologiesapproach to our customers and to our team is based on our core values. They play key roles in the amazing things that we do every day
1. Integrity
2. Innovation
3. Result-oriented
4. Customer Service.