Core Competencies

C4C Technologies provide expert support options to keep your business ahead of curve

  • 24/7 proactive capabilities whether it is simple break-fix or end-to-end technical service
  • Free consultation for right solution for you
  • Value for money with positive return on investment
  • Qualified, dedicated work force
  • Performance results on your products
  • Single point of contact for consolidated services
  • Hassle-free customized packages

Support Process


" Support process is an activity or functions that supports day-to-day operations of an organization "

Our Support is based on industry proven processes and procedures with the sole intention of keeping any downtime for our customers at a minimum and improving our customer satisfaction by providing a robust end to end process from initial customer contact to final resolution.

Our support process comprises of handling Incidents and Requests for the customer. An incident is defined as any issue that results in an inconvenience to the customer due to the improper working of a device (Example : a CCTV Camera not working or a DVR or a server or a PC not responding as expected). On high proirity we provide necessery support and find the soluiotn to this situation so that the customer can proceed with regular activities followed by a detailed resolution to the problem by involving Subject Matter Experts. Requests on the other hand refer to specific needs of customer that translate into predefined activities that we need to go through in order to complete e.g. Installing a new CCTV Camera, Increasing the hard drive of a DVR or a Server or a PC etc. In this case, we will take the necessary action to obtain approvals and then work in conjunction with other teams to fulfill the request.

In either case, the customer can contact our service desk via email, web or phone to initiate service. The Service Desk is the single point of contact for the customer and will do the needful to log a ticket, provide initial troubleshooting and then, if need be, forward the issue to Level 2 Service Desk Agents or the Field Resolver Teams. All tickets are logged in our ticketing tool and periodic reports will be generated to the customer in order to give a snapshot of the customer environment performance. Technologies L. L. C